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The submission dedline has been EXTENDED to July 25. Please submit early to be considered
in the early events of the festival.

Before you do, please review the Rules and Conditions of Entry

The Author or Authors retain all rights to their submitted work.
We recommend that the Author/s choose a license or otherwise protect their IP.
To find out more about licensing options, please read:
'Choosing a license for your digital art and code.' by Wendy Seltzer

the email needs to include:
authors name
email address - please indicate if you want to keep it public or private (default: private)
mobile number
a portrait of the Author/s made with a phone if possible. email to
contact information - address
title of work
file name of work attached
keywords - 4

attention - by submitting work, you accept all condtions stated on the Rules and Conditions of Entry page.
The festival keeps all personal information confidential. We will not publish or give to a third party any personal information without the entrant's written consent.

If you do not have access to a computer to upload please
sms to 917 400 2381 for alternate delivery methods.