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Video, Art

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links to: - Free Java, Symbian, Palm and Pocket PC Software
mobile jones - blog of Debi Jones a.k.a. mobile jones
MobHappy - Russell Buckley and Carlo Longino on mobile technology.
The Mobile Weblog
an RSS feed of Nokia tech info
Smart Mobs - the next social revolution


IN-duce ; DE- duce
Touch >> picturephoning - books Archives
Mobile Entertainment Industry and Culture
- timo arnall

Intellectual Property
Wendy Seltzer: Choosing a license for your digital art and code.

   You've created a piece of electronic art, and now you want to share it with the
   world. Great! To help the world know how you want your art treated,
   you might want to give it a copyright license. ....continue

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Creative Commons Licenses
Free Software Foundation
GNU General Public License
Open Source
Chilling Effects - about Copyright and Fair Use

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...history of wirefree art from gallery to public spaces, mobile works based on locative technologies, wearables, wifi and 3g... - mobile news
Thoughts on the evolution of GSM, UMTS, WLAN, Bluetooth, and WiMAX,1522,,00.html?orig=/sensor,,050_10,00.html>