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About Us

The4thScreen is the second project of POSTMASTERSproductions. POSTMASTERSproductions is a new branch of Postmasters Gallery

Postmasters Gallery( is a contemporary art gallery in New York, run by Magdalena Sawon and Tamas Banovich, since 1984. Postmasters is working with and representing cutting edge artists whose thinking and work, we feel, inspires and contributes to the contemporary discourse. Postmasters nurtured and supported the digital art/ /new media community since 1994 and it was the first gallery to introduce digital art to the New York public with a comprehensive show "Can You Digit?" in 1996. Through the following years we had a consistent program of group and individual shows to integrate this very dynamic contemporarily relevant movement into the mainstream art discourse, with shows such as the frequently copied MacClassics, etoy.CORPORATION, Bureau of Inverse Technology,etc. We have also experimented with alternative business models of distribution of art - one of our venture has been the Launch of 'netomat' an 'alternative web browser', an expansive view and understanding of the internet and the nature of the network with the author,artist-technologist, Maciej Wisniewski at Postmasters in 1999 ( To realize the full power of Maciej's idea we founded Netomat the company in 2001 ( Currently more than half of our artist work on the cutting edge of new media, software art.